Welcome to the home solar power resource guide!

If you are thinking of installing a home solar power system there are many choices and decisions to make. Our resource guide will help you along the way. While our site covers a large number of topics, we’ll try to help you find what you are looking for quickly, even if we have to point you to a better source.

Please look at the topics below and choose the area you are most interested in. Whether you want to simply learn the ABC’s of solar or you want to better understand the costs associated with leasing equipment vs. owning, we have you covered.

home solar power panels

Leasing Vs. Buying

There are many things to consider when choosing between a solar energy lease program or if you want to own the equipment. We highlight the major considerations to help you make an informed decision.

How Solar Works

Understanding solar technology made simple! We will discuss the components of a solar power system and how they work together to produce energy. From the basics to some more complex terminology.

Costs and Rebates

Find out how much it will cost to install a home solar power system and see what the current rebates and tax credits are in your area. Everything from energy efficient windows to a self sufficient system.

Most of the power in homes across America comes from what is considered non-renewable sources. Because Oil, coal and natural gas are depleted in order to produce energy, they fall into this category. Solar energy on the other hand is a renewable energy source that is both less polluting and can lower or eliminate your electrical bills.

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